"The Mega Bullhorn of Truth" Thu, 23 Sep 2021 21:05:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How Much has the Knox County Sheriff’s Outside Attorney Cost the Taxpayers? So Far…. Thu, 23 Sep 2021 20:45:53 +0000 Since December 2020, Knoxville Attorney Gary Prince has been representing Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler and the Knox County Sheriff’s Department in FOUR employees grievance hearings. Although, at one time (and maybe still today) the Sheriff has three Attorney’s on payroll. Mike Ruble, Carlton Bryant and former District Attorney General Randy Nichols.

Attorney Gary Prince speaking to the Merit System Council

Attorney Gary Prince speaking to the Merit System Council

In December 2020 and January 2021 two separate invoices for $13,079.00 on a grievance that either got settled or was dropped by the employee before a hearing.

In March 2021 two invoices and April 2021 one invoice for $32,062.20 In May 2021 one invoice for $2,739.00 and in June 2021 two invoices for $5,125.00 for a GRAND TOTAL of $39,890.20 and the hearing keeps getting postponed and rescheduled on the Martha Dooley complaint.

In April 2021, an invoice for $1,895.50, in May 2021 an invoice for $1,128.00 for a GRAND TOTAL of $3,023.50 for a hearing on John Ivan Harmon complaint scheduled for December 2021.

In April an invoice for $1,435.00 and a May 2021 invoice for $628.00 for a GRAND TOTAL 0f 2,063.50 for a hearing on Raymond Scott Moore complaint scheduled for October 2021.

So let’s break down the payments by month, just for fun.

December 2020 $5,547.50

January 2021 $7,531.50

March 2021 $22,789.20

April 2021 $12,568.00

May 2021 $4,495.00

June 2021 $5,125.00

for a GRAND TOTAL of $58,056.20

Oh and let us not miss that Tom Spangler’s Campaign Financial Disclosure of July 14, 2021 that Gary M. Prince Attorney in Knoxville on May 13, 2021 gave a $1,000 campaign contribution to Spangler’s 2022 re-election campaign. Screenshot of the relevant page below, the entire 7/14/2021 report is here.

page 4 of Tom Spangler's 7/14/2021 Campaign Financial Report listing campaign contributors.

page 4 of Tom Spangler’s 7/14/2021 Campaign Financial Report listing campaign contributors.


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Loudon County Redistricting ….. Thu, 23 Sep 2021 19:55:33 +0000 Loudon County Commission and a few other officials met last night as part of a Redistricting Committee to talk about the Redistricting of the county. Redistricting is necessary every 10 years, after the United States Census.

the official photo from the Loudon County, TN webpage of the Commission

the official photo from the Loudon County, TN webpage of the Commission

In particular attention to many in Loudon County is how the County Commissioners will represent the citizens in their respective districts in the past and what district should represent them the next ten years cause politicians are only as good as the next election. .

Take into consideration the Lenoir City voters in District 5, they are represented by Van Shaver and Harold Duff. I am told by persons that know Lenoir City & Loudon County, Shaver is known to be a negative vote for Lenoir City and I recently watched his attack on the AFT (Adequate Facilities Tax) that benefitted Lenoir City Schools. It has come as a question to me, do Lenoir City taxpayers in District 5 have anyone  to represent them and cast votes on their behalf.

So, a logical conclusion would be to take those district five city taxpayers and move them to district two, so they have Matt Tinker and Julia Hurley to advocate and cast votes that correctly reflect the views of Lenoir City voters on the Loudon County Commission.

If you fall into this issue as a district five voter and want to voice your opinion, September 30 at 4:30 at the Loudon County Courthouse Annex, let the Commissioners know your thoughts.


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The Reason There is a Salary Surplus is the Lack of Retention…. Thu, 23 Sep 2021 08:12:35 +0000 So Knox County Sheriff sent out a notice to all employees that he is giving them a retention bonus. He states that he is giving it through salary surplus.


The reason that there is likely a salary surplus is that the in and out door at the Knox County Sheriff’s Department is like one of those circular doors and sometimes there are more leaving than coming…. But I digress

I will not even get into the “pensionable” aspect of the “retention bonus” because the Sheriff’s people will say I am being political and taking sides and there will be more time for that next year.

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Jenkins Vows to NOT Run as a Republican….for now Thu, 23 Sep 2021 00:08:24 +0000 I received the following Press Release from Ray Jenkins this morning. It is as follows.

Ray Jenkins introducing himself at the 1/23/2014 Center City Republican Club

Ray Jenkins introducing himself at the 1/23/2014 Center City Republican Club

Ray Jenkins announces the filing of a Treasurer appointment in his run for General Sessions Judge, Division II.  Retired KCSO Sergeant and longtime friend James Neubert will serve in this important post.  Jenkins, who comes from a family of prominent, lifelong Republicans, is taking the unusual step of filing as an Independent.

Jenkins is running to fill the position opened by the retirement of Judge Geoff Emery.

According to Jenkins, “I am filing as an Independent because the Tennessee Republican Party has instituted rules that, in my opinion, make it unethical to run for a judicial position as a Republican.”

The TN Republican Party State Executive Committee adopted a fee schedule to run as a Republican candidate, requiring judicial candidates to pay $500.  State Supreme Court Rules of Ethics Rule 10, Canon 4, Rule 4.1(A)(4) states in relevant part “ … a judicial candidate shall not …  pay an assessment to …  a political organization … “.

Jenkins said “It is not the money. I have previously contributed money to both the state and local party – which is allowed.  It is the mandatory nature that is the issue.”

Further, “While some in the Party have said they “probably” will change the rule in December, I will not raise money or campaign under false pretenses.  If the TN GOP gets its act together and addresses this serious issue, I may re-file my paperwork.”

Jenkins further said “No one can question my Republican bona fides.  I was Chairman of the Knox County GOP, my father was a GOP officer holder for 25 years, and my grandfather was chairman of both the Knox County GOP and the Tennessee GOP.  The question now is whether the current leadership will do the right thing.”

Jenkins currently serves as a Magistrate in Knox County, a position he has held for over seven years.  “Not only have I been a Magistrate for over seven years, but I have also been deeply involved with the development and implementation of the new Pre-Trial process as well as bail reform efforts.” states Jenkins.  He has the experience the people of Knox County deserve.

Jenkins is a graduate of Tennessee Technological University and of the Nashville School of Law.

The Knox County Primary will be held in May 2022, and the General election will be held in August 2022.

Learn more about Ray Jenkins and his campaign by visiting here   by phone at (865) 548-7456

]]> 1 Tennesseans Invited to “Rate the Plates” and Choose New License Plate Design Tue, 21 Sep 2021 01:51:59 +0000 NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Today, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee invited Tennesseans to “Rate the Plates” and help choose the state’s next standard license plate by selecting their favorite design at Under state law, the license plate is redesigned every eight years if funds are approved in the General Assembly’s annual budget.

“As Tennessee celebrates 225 years of statehood, it’s a perfect time to redesign our license plate and feature the Tri-Star that represents each of our state’s unique grand divisions,” said Gov. Lee. “We welcome all Tennesseans to cast their vote and play a role in choosing this piece of our state’s history.”

Voting begins today and will conclude at 11:59 p.m. CT on Monday, September 27. The winning design will be announced later this fall and available to the public January 2022.

Tennessee statute requires the display of “Tennessee,” “Volunteer State” and “” on the plate, as well as county name and expiration year decal locations. Statute provides that Tennesseans may select an “In God We Trust” plate option.

The new license plate design will replace the current plate that launched in 2006 with modifications in 2011, 2016 and 2017.


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I Pray There Was Not Some Special Treatment? Tue, 21 Sep 2021 01:16:48 +0000 Knox News has a story about the driver of the BMW SUV that hit a Gold Wing motorcycle and killed the rider. Everyone is lawyered up. the driver of the SUV, former Knox Sheriff’s employee 30 year old Jessie Hodge was not tested by breathalyzer or blood test, even though she fled the scene (reportedly). She has lawyered up with T. Scott Jones.

The victim was 63 year old Dwight Woods, a Charlotte, NC resident was en-route to his family near St. Louis, MO has lawyered up with Marcos Garza.

I have just now requested the personnel file of Hodge. More as details are discovered. Surely, Sheriff Tom Spangler has not lessened the crime standards of testing after an accident with a breathalyzer and/or blood test following a fatal accident, even if they are a former employee.


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My What a Difference a Year Makes……… Tue, 21 Sep 2021 00:28:21 +0000 Knox County Commission held the Commission Work Session tonight, September 20 at 5 p.m., it ended at 5:23 pm. The difference with this meeting and the past year is Richie Beeler is Chairman, Justin Biggs is Vice Chairman. Last September it was Larsen Jay, Chair and John Schoonmaker, Vice Chair. My sources in the room said it was far more relaxed than it has been the last year.

Beeler taking over as Chair from Knox County Clerk Sherry Witt who has to preside over the annual task of electing the Chair

Beeler taking over as Chair from Knox County Clerk Sherry Witt who has to preside over the annual task of electing the Chair

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Now the Rest of the Story…..All will be Revealed in Time Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:11:55 +0000 On Friday, I posted this montage of photos, many people blew up my phone wanting to know the background story. Several friends told me they also got calls asking what the post meant. A friend even asked me about my cryptic post. The post read in time all will be known.

Yesterday, I posted this story about a gift from Gary Prince a Knoxville Attorney.

Now that Compass and the publication formerly known as Fountain City Focus have a story about Gary Prince, the outside legal counsel and political supporter of Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler having filed a Motion to Recuse on a couple members of the Knox County Merit System Council, I can now reveal the reason for my posts.

In the motion to recuse, Prince used blog stories and a picture of me and one of the Merit Council members at a campaign HQ opening.

Mr. Prince who by the way, the voters in District Five elected mr and rejecting Prince’s brother (who was the incumbent) for a seat on the Knox County School Board in 2000, no hard feelings by me, cause that would make me a sore winner. I ain’t sore at anything, except some muscles in my body at my mid fifties age.

My point of the post is my interpretation that Prince’s use of my blog and attempting to show this blog as/is one sided. I am nothing to that extreme.

Three years ago, I explained to Tom Spangler (whose family is decently related to me, why I had a personal reason to support his opponent)

Spangler agreed and asked me to cover his events like his campaign HQ opening just as I did with the photo of me and a Merit Council member at Spangler’s HQ opening.

My blog stories are public domain and I am fine with the use in court proceedings. BUT, my point in publishing photos of Spangler, Kimberly Glenn and David Buuck is to say, do NOT portray me to Knox County Chancery Court, or the Court of Public Opinion as one sided, show it all.

NOW FOR MY OPINION: Sheriff Spangler and his department have repeatedly attempted to try Martha Dooley, Scott Moore and John Ivan Harmon in the court of public opinion. They have a right to face their accuser (the Sheriff) to a body like the Merit System Council and a decision made, win, lose or draw.

So anyone that thought I was doing anything other than what I’ve explained what I did, is well just wrong. Those people obviously do not know me or my style. So. Now you know the REST of THIS STORY. More to come I am sure.

hey Gary Prince,  when using my blog tell it all NOT just what makes you and your client look good.

A7246E27-B780-435F-B4E1-C4598E428BD7 B66D5E55-104F-44D3-BC0B-69531137D217

Maybe since our taxpayer dollars have paid over $60,000 to Prince in his work and my blog was used, maybe I should invoice him for assistance in his opposition research. What do you think?

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In Full Disclosure ……. Mon, 20 Sep 2021 00:44:40 +0000 In following up from this post on Friday, I need to disclose that on September 7, 2021 I was offered a stylus/flashlight from Knox County Sheriff’s Outside legal counsel Gary Prince.

a stylus flashlight provided me by Gary Prince

a stylus flashlight provided me by Gary Prince. Prince told me it is useful for reading the menu at the Cooper Cellar.

has Prince’s law firm and phone number. I am either cursed or blessed to have four other Attorneys that all have winning records when representing me.

has Prince’s law firm and phone number on the stylus. I am either cursed or blessed to have four other Attorneys that all have winning records when representing me.

I did accept it, in accepting this gift it does not effect my coverage of the multiple Knox Sherifs Departments Grievance Hearings, the Knox County Sheriffs Department or Prince’s representation of said parties either in his adversary or support of them.


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Brian Hornback podcast Episode 48 – Redistricting and Dr. Jason Martin, Democrat Candidate for Governor of TN 2022 Sun, 19 Sep 2021 20:19:19 +0000

Featuring Handsome and the Humbles as the intro/outro with their song “Knoxville Lights” with permission from Josh Smith.


Talk about Redistricting, Knox County, City of Knoxville and the State of Tennessee. Talk about some Democrat candidates, like Odessa Kelly and Jim Cooper in the Nashville area and meeting Dr. Jason Martin over in Blount County with the Blount County Democrats.

Enjoy the audio of Episode 48 here or most anywhere you get podcast streams.

Enjoy the video of Episode 48 here from my YouTube page or below.

Holler at me (in written form) at Brian@BrianHornback.Com

Twitter @Mega_Bullhorn and/or @BrianHornback

Facebook @BrianHornbackdotcom

Insta @BrianHornbackdotcom

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