Monthly Archive: March 2021

Knoxville Businessman Eddie Mannis introduces Testerman 0

Why Am I NOT Surprised at Eddie Mannis?

#TheMegaBullhornofTruth posted questions about whether Rep. Eddie Mannis was/is really a Republican. He could have proved me wrong. Instead he sends letter to members of a committee arguing against Rep. Scott Cepicky’s Middle and...

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Rest In Peace Big Brother Eric!

My Dad called me this morning to tell me that an obituary was in this mornings (March 30, 2021) paper. Eric Anthony Burris. I don’t remember what year James, Bettye and Eric Burris moved...

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Wojnar • Everyone’s Friend has Retired

Walt Wojnar back a month or so ago retired from his career in the hospitality business. He has been a staple in the Knoxville/Knox County community for years. LodgingSmith, LLC where he has been...