If You Have the Ability, Stand With BrianHornback.Com so that I Can Continue to Stand For YOU

A year ago, I was served with a lawsuit from the current Knox County Republican Chair, Ruth Kuhlman in a suit titled Kuhlman-vs-Hornback. Eleven months ago, I answered the case with four seperate affadavits from four seperate individuals. Also, in the answer was a voicemail from the Chair to one of the individuals acknowledging a conversation that she contended didn’t exist. Several other findings of fact have been presented to the Chairs legal counsel through my legal counsel. I am am asking you to stand with me with any contribution that you have the ability to contribute, so that I can go on the offensive.

Thank you you for being a reader, if you can assist to end the charade of this lawsuit, I will be appreciative. I am considering an evening to honor our first amendment that will allow individuals to support my legal defense.

Click this link to the BrianHornback.Com PayPal account or on the Donate button to the right of the website. All contributions will fund the legal defense.

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