3 More Days of Early Voting, Election Day on Tuesday

Today, Tomorrow through Thursday you can cast your vote early. Then on Tuesday November 4, from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., you can and should cast your vote at your designated voting precinct. Too many times, too few people vote, leaving us with mediocre elected officials spending our money.

On this ballot are several questions. Over in Blount County a group of businesses have been working to educate voters about a couple of potential effects of wine in grocery stores and convenience stores. I thank them for using my website as one vehicle to educate the voters.

Recently, while in the Sequoyah Hills area of West Knoxville, I noticed that a local business had a banner encouraging people to vote no on the mass availability of wine and high alcohol content beverages.

Just be sure and vote, it’s your responsibility.



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