Uber Share Service, Some People Say It Is GREAT, According to Knoxville Transit Board Chair It Is “Illegal”

Today’s Tennessean has this story about different “ride sharing” programs. County Commissioner at Large Bob Thomas went to Facebook the other night and posted that he had used uber twice in one evening and it was great.

All this just a little over a month since the KT Board (Knoxville Transportation Board) Meeting where KT Board Chair Rene Hoyos, called uber “a gypsy service ” and advised the service is illegal. She also intimated that it could be dangerous.  She stated that she has had conversation with KPD Chief David Rausch about how to deal with this illegal activity in our community.

Is the real issue just a way for Knoxville to collect revenue by forcing uber drivers to pay for a permit or license and subject them to inspections that drive up their operating overhead?


uber walk


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