Why Does E.W. Scripps Continue to Permit Georgiana Vines War on Men?

Today’s column by Georgiana Vines is whining about Gloria Johnson and the 17.4% of women in the legislature.  One could interpret Vines column is that the voters did not select the best representative in Eddie Smith simply because he is a man. However, Smith who is married to Lana Keck Smith and husband to two young children has a diverse background. Being a husband he can rely on Lana for guidance on women’s issues and being a parent he and Lana can discuss children issues. Johnson lacked the diverse background and may be one reason she failed to secure a second two year term. That and the fact she is a extreme liberal loony on the far left of the Democrat party.

When will E.W. Scripps examine the women / men ratio of columnist and thank Vines for her gender bias and print her columns no more?

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