Democrats Meet in Backroom Sealed Off to the Public to Reject One of Their Own

From this story in the Chattanooga Times Free Press we learn that the TN Democrat Party selection committee met behind closed doors to reject 4th Congressional District candidate Lenda Sherrell as a candidate for TN Democrat Party Chairman. They have anointed one term State Representative Gloria Johnson, Knoxville Attorney Terry Adams and former State Senate Democrat candidate Mary Mancini who lost to Jeff Yarbo.

So, they had four Democrat losers and rejected the one that faced a second largest populace. Adams ran statewide, Sherrell faced one ninth of the states Democrat  populace, Mancini faced the third largest group in State Senate District 21. While Johnson represented the smallest number of citizens and after two years of back biting, partisan attacks was soundly rejected.

So, Democrats continue their backroom, deal cutting ways.

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