NYPD, While Your Mayor Doesn’t Stand With YOU, the Good People of America DO!

From the New York Daily News we find this story of where the Mayor of New York got the back of the NYPD when he came to the hospital to pay respects to the two assassinated officers. Interesting that the paper has a quote from the Mayor’s spokesman Phil Walzak,

“It’s unfortunate that in a time of great tragedy, some would resort to irresponsible, overheated rhetoric that angers and divides people,” Walzak said. “Mayor de Blasio understands this is the time when we must come together to support the families and friends of those brave officers New York City lost tonight — and the entire NYPD community.”

It was the Mayor that clamored for irresponsibility and over heated rhetoric when he chose NOT to support the police of his own city. You got what you deserve, Mayor!

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