Did Jake Butcher and IV Owen Miss that Knox County Criminal Court Money?

Mike Hammond, Knox County Criminal Court Clerk discovered a checking account at First TN Bank with $2.5 million dollars in it shortly after he took over on September 1, 2014. Hammond appeared before the Knox County Commission in January 2015 at the workshop to explain. He said the account has been open for 50 years. If we do a plus or minus for accurate time frame, it means circa September 2015, the account opened circa September 1964. That was two years before I was born, translation 50 years ago. Yes, I am 48 until August 2015. Meaning that before First TN Bank it was United American Bank (UAB) Jake Butcher’s bank. Butcher’s UAB bank collapsed on Valentines Day (2-14-1983), the banks were raided by FDIC regulators on 11/1/1982. Translation FDIC regulators raided 32 years ago, meaning that account had been open 18 years in 1982.

Granted I may be wrong. But, still, it is an interesting thought that the guys and gals at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill probably ain’t thought about. YES, Jack I know ain’t ain’t a word. It is ok, I am a blogger with heavy traffic over 10 plus years, I believe my readers understand the word ain’t. Ain’t that right, folks?



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  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    After being quiet as a church fart I like this story. You see Old Elmer used to run the ridges out at Red Gate with the Butcher boys. I am unlike most folks I seen the good and the bad and forgave them. I actually went to up to see Old Man Butcher and he made good on the money that I lost when the bank went down. I still remember when the bank introduced an overtime teller machine. Scared the dickens out of me, put a charger-plate in the thing, put in a code and out flew my request. Shirley Butcher was outside West Town mall demonstrating the teller machine, handing out prizes to those who gave it a try. I am reminded of this as I still have a ruler thats green with the logo UAB in the garage.

    As for this found money, I told you that Hammond was one smart cookie. He isn’t like the rest of those clowns down there thats out for himself. You keep it up Mike, you will hold that position until you are ready to go to the house with that sweet wife of yours.

    As for the former chief, I still remember that picture in his office when he was slapping the hand cuffs on old Jake. Sterling is a great person and made an excellent Chief. I am sure he had his feel of it and decided to go to the house. Come over and see us sometime, would be nice to chat a spell.

    Okay lets fire up the blowtorch….

    Mike Lowe and his merry men… Looks like fresh gas from the former politician is ready to go off like the silo grain at the old ConAgra plant back in 1981. You see this is why a REAL audit is needed of these offices, many could learn from Hammond if they just had lunch or a cup of coffee with him. I am paying close attention to this one and will sound off as this one shakes out.

    I heard thru the grape vine an old favorite is back on the payroll in the Register of Deeds office. I say this as I haven’t seen it for myself and I don’t repeat gossip I have to see it for myself. But I have said this so many times its so hard to let go of the county tit.

    Cathy Shanks has cut her bleeding to the PBA, as she has downsized her rented space from the county owned building. I have never understood why these offices pay rent? But anyway you look at it Cathy too is finding ways to save money. See I told you Cathy and Greg were a great match. Treat her good Greg, don’t make old Elmer come down to the Grand Union Building and have a prayer meeting. That woman has turned that clerks office around with some great staff leaders. I still remember Big Lil and the shopping crew at Classy Lady. I too like many good husbands sat out front and read the paper while our wives flocked to the high priced fashions. Those were the days, dress up to go to the Tic Tock on Saturday nights.

    Has anyone seen the Butter and Egg Man or the county clock winder? I haven’t heard the clock chime in months. I guess when you are on the down hill swing from your term you just fart around while your poor wife slings groceries up on Asheville Highway. I am still taking bets on the assessors choice for his replacement, if any one wants to get in on this sure thing. Either candidate will not have a chance, the Butter and Egg Man has pissed off too many of the builders and property owners. No more strong arming folks this ship has finally sank. The Titanic has a better chance of floating again than Ballard’s choice has at getting elected.

    Have a great day folks…