Bredesen Appoints “Republicans” to Board of Regents

The Tennessean is reporting here that Governor Phil Bredesen is appointing three “Republicans” to the Board of Regents to diffuse criticism by State House and Senate committee. He is appointing Chattanoogan Tom Griscom, Knoxville Danni Varlan and Emily Reynolds of Nashville.

Griscom formerly with a Chattanooga newspaper, Varlan wife of federal judge and former Victor Ashe Law Director Tom Varlan. Danni Varlan has not spent anytime within the Knox County Republican Party’s grassroots network, so the “Republican” status could be questioned. As for Griscom, in 2006 immediately following a Chattanooga debate between US Senate candidates Harold Ford, Jr and Bob Corker. Griscom appeared on WBIR’s talking head post wrap up supposedly as the Republican, but as cameras rolled live, he declared himself to be politically independent. The more time rolls on, nothing ever changes just the faces. Good ole boy/girl/ cronies appointment processes for political purposes, all in an effort to save an unqualified John Morgan as TBR Chancellor. Here’s a letter to the editor concerning the Board’s “arrogant” actions. Here is another letter to the editor concerning his appointment.

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