What Did Rogero Know, When Did Rogero Know It, Was She NOT Honest About It?

Immediately following the January 21, 2015 E-911 Board Meeting, Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero came out and basically said I don’t know what happened. I will have to talk to my people to see what happened. Really? Now, because her City Law Director Charles Swanson says because of some emails between Chief David Rausch, the Mayor’s Proxy Gary Holliday along with a couple of other folk.

But check out the email (scanned below) from Chief Rausch to the Mayor back on August 14, 2014 at 9:02 a.m., the Chief was updating the Mayor on a meeting he had with Cynthia Moxley of Moxley Carmichael who had met with him for Harris Communications and not Motorola or Tait in addition about her former client Rural Metro and her newer current client Priority Ambulance. He also made the Mayor aware of this WBIR story about Priority Ambulance.

Rausch being a good Police Chief was making the Mayor aware of his concerns about the procurement process of the radio purchase and his intention to NOT support Harris. The key here is his statement 11 lines into the email “(as I explained to you previously..” That could have been August 13, 2014 or weeks, months or years previously. Why is Rogero playing a game of hide and seek? Is it because the Mayor is up for re-election and she relies on Moxley Carmichael clients for campaign funding? Is it because as Mayor, she appoints members of the Knoxville Utilities Board, the same entity that has paid Moxley Carmichael more than $1.0 million dollars since July 2005, previously reported here? Another question, based on the Chancery Court interpretation of the Open Meetings Law aka Sunshine Law is Moxley operating as an intermediary with two or more members of a deliberate body that will determine and expenditure of $8.0 or more million.


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