Vines Reports Stone Kuhlman Wants a Paid Election Commissioner Job

Georgiana Vines of the News Sentinel reports about the Election Commission appointments coming up. The positions pay a nominal monthly salary and provide insurance. Three positions are to be recommeneded by the Republican delegation that serve Knox County. Based on those recommendation, Mark Goins of the State Election Commission appoints the individuals.

It would be a safe assumption that Chris Heagerty, an Attorney formerly with Hodges Daughty and Carson and Bob Bowman, a local Attorney are safe for reappointment. However, Rob McNutt an appointee that was a friend of former State Rep Steve Hall and State Senator Stacey Campfield is likely in jeopardy due to the election of State Senator Rick Briggs and State Rep. Martin Daniel.

There is no surprise that Briggs is the one advancing other names. While I would not disagree with local Attorney and Fiancial Planner Tamara Boyer. She is immensely qualified and able to serve. I had only hoped that she would run for Clumty Commission Fifth District in 2016. As for the soon to be former Knox County Republican Chair Ruth Stone Kuhlman. How could an individual be considered for a position of authority that files a lawsuit against a former Chairman of the same political party and keeps the suit still lingering at the courthouse for 2 years after 4 sworn affadavits and a voice mail of the Chair is filed 30 days after serving the suit. Who would see sue? The PBA for toxic mold where the Election Commission meets?

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    I am sitting here in my new pajamas laughing my ass off at this story about Ruthie seeking a PAID position in Knox County Government! This woman failed as a party leader and needs to keep her focus on baking cakes or knitting scarfs. She just wants her turn at sucking on the county tit. Not in my time! I would soon have the drunkard from the property assessors office fill the position than this one. I don’t give a rats ass if she files a car load of lawsuits against me as I am on a fixed income and could care two shits less about defending it. I call it as I see it. So take these words to heart Ruthie go back to the blue haired society of the retired artsy fartsy dumbasses and leave public government alone. I heard that there opening a new rest home maybe if you check in now they will name the damn place after you.

    Now for some serious matters. This lawsuit that Foster has filed… Old Darren is one smart cookie and will not take shit off anyone! I’ve read this one folks and I see that every angle is covered. Foster might be a bit quirky and off the angle sometime but folks this ones serious. Let’s just give you some friendly free advise. Foster and Cathy pack your stuff up and move out of the building. There is plenty of space in the City County Building and satelight offices all over Knoxville. Does anyone realize how many lives this could affect? The building is termite ridden, the clock tower is about to fall off the front, no one winds the clock anymore. Close the place renovate it, the hell with historical overlay just fix the damn issue. That wheel tax that’s been collected for years is not being used for the purposes intended. If the justice center had been built like was promised from a $30.00 wheel tax this would not be an issue. Start digging up the front yard of the City County building and build the damn thing. None of this forming a commitee and feasibility studies. Get the hell out of there I don’t give a rats ass who tried to stop me. Call Claytons bring in some temporary offices and get the damn thing built. Take bids for 30 days and not managed by PBA, and in less than a year we have a justice center free and clear from debt. That money which should be several hundred million by now is more than enough to get the job done and pay for the complete renovation.

    There is a but… The money isn’t there, PBA can’t keep their hands out of construction costs and too many pockets would need to be lined. Bud Armstong get off your ass and rectify this situation. Take my advise for once! If you have an elected official seeking an answer and it took a lawsuit, how many more are going to come? I’ve seen that upstairs lobby full of people that would sell there sole to get at the county coffers for a nice settlement, due to mold! I think that’s what’s called a class action and old Darren the smart one is one fine ass attorney that will blow the bell off the top of the building, PBA nor red tape is no match for that one.