Looks Like Tim Burchett is Getting Pushed Out of the Congressional Path

Today’s Knoxville News Sentinel has a guest editorial (on the front cover of the Perspective section) “Up to Congress to Define Isis Startegy” written by Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett’s Chief of Staff. Mike Cohen, is the only pundit that has offered the notion that Burchett may be a potential candidate to challenge Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. in 2016 or 2018. While some people have mentioned Burchett’s candidacy as a prospect because no one sees where he may go from term limited County Mayor. Burchett has never had a private sector job except for that failed experiment of mulch maker.

Now, it seems that with Rice’s guest editorial suggesting Congress involvement with Isis strategy. I haven’t read the offering by Rice, I am believing the headline to be relevant to the content. Then he will be considered to be the educated candidate to be a challenger to Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr., a man who once brought Rice on his staff.

However, I am believing that Congressman Duncan has more than 2 or 4 years left to serve. No one can out Conservative Jimmy Duncan. Just ask Jason “we the people” Zachary. Of course, as I understand it Rice has been traveling allot (overseas) over the last four to five years. How Burchett will respond when he is threatened by his Chief of Staff will make for interesting dynamics on the east end of the sixth floor, then again maybe Rice will just go on another overseas fact finding trip.

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