TN GOP SEC to Select Next Chair this Morning

The Tennessee Republican Party is meeting in about an hour at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt to have their meeting and after the business will vote for the next Chairman.


Here is where the next Chairman will stand after being selected.


When the members mark their ballots, they will be placed in a ballot box to then be counted out. Not sure if a Survivor Tribal Council reference is appropriate here. On Survivor the one with the most names written down is voted out of the tribe. I suspect and hope that the one with their name written down the most times will be the next Chairman.


The infamous ballot box where the ballots will be placed.


Of course several candidates are vying for the coveted Chairman position. MY State Representative Ryan Haynes being one of them.


State Representative Ryan Haynes and Candidate for TN GOP Chairman being greeted and encouraged by State Executive Committeeman from Knoxville Ted Hatfield. Hatfield has endorsed Haynes in this contest,



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