Expansion of Victor Ashe Park, Thanks to Former Mayor Victor Ashe

Several dignitaries appeared at today’s event, Here Knoxville City Councilmen Joe Bailey, Daniel Brown and Knoxville City Councilwoman Brenda Palmer before the event began.
Here Councilwoman Palmer informs Joe Walsh, the City Parks Director that she is Brenda Palmer, not her sister Barbara Palmer, whom Walsh introduced. Palmer demonstrated that she is a good sport.
Palmer discusses how the contribution from former Knoxville Mayor / Former Ambassador Victor Ashe came to be. Palmer in less than 9 months of service demonstrated real leadership in obtaining this property in a unique fashion, before developers purchased it and developed it.
Victor Ashe speaking as his wife Joan waits for the check presentation. Ashe donated $50,000 to purchase property adjacent to Victor Ashe Park for expansion. The money is coming from the Ashe’s to the East TN Foundation to the City of Knoxville for the expressed purpose of purchasing the property.
Here Victor and Joan Ashe present an oversize check to Knoxville City Councilwoman Brenda Palmer and the current Knoxville Mayor.

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