A Bunch of Sore D— Losers!

In the past couple of days a couple of different online entities have been attacking MY State Representative Ryan Haynes the current TN Republican Party Chairman since April 11, 2015. It seems that when MY State Representative was being challenged by SEC Member Becky Burke, State Representative Mary Littleton and some lady connected to that liberal college in Nashville, the SEC members wanted to know if he would resign the legislature. Although, many in the 14th district including me said don’t do it. Former Republican Chair Beth Harwell and Jim Henry maintained their seats in the legislature and were party chairs, during different terms.

It seems that Burke, SEC Member and failed TN Republican Chair candidate is the most vocal in her criticism. In the Tennessean, she said she expects Haynes to resign immediately. A couple of points, one is Burke is NOT a 14th district voter, resident. So her opinion doesn’t matter. Second, she was the week kneed chic that allowed herself to be nominated and then in drama queen fashion withdrew her name in support of Littleton. How did that work for her? Littleton, the liberal college lady and Haynes squared off on first ballot and Haynes kicked butt on the first ballot, WINNING. Burke publicly endorsed Littleton, translation, she voted for Littleton over Haynes. Guess what Burke you lost, get over it!

Haynes has said he will not accept State Representative pay (if he doesn’t step down until November) during the off session. Haynes has voiced his support for saving Knox County money, only a small part of State House District 14 is in the City of Knoxville, making it problematic for combining with the September and November 2015 city election.

Haynes also does not want to lose a solid Republican seat to a Democrat or Republican in Name Only. Sources indicate three term Knox County School Board Member Karen Carson is calling around weighing her possibility of becoming the next State Representative. First of all Carson in the Presidential Primary of 2004 voted in the Democratic Primary, Secondly while a Elementary School PTA President during the Bill and Hill Clinton years of Hillary healthcare law proposal, Carson wrote about how it takes a village to raise a child.  I don’t know about Carson and her home life, but raising a child by 14th State House District standard is only between a Father and a Mother. Thirdly, Carson has violated the voters 1994 wishes in that Knox County elected officials serve only two years consecutively. While she is in the third year of a third term. (citizen wishes be damned)

Making it difficult to allow a liberal with a record of ignoring the intent of the citizens is  in the best interest of the 14th district.  There is much more, I can post, but I will stop for now and come back when necessary.


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  1. Ken says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself !!