Tomorrow Night at Halls Republican Club, Anders Will Face His Opponent

Tomorrow night at the Halls Republican Club, Knox County Commission Chairman Brad Anders and his announced opponent are both speaking to the club. It will not likely be a debate primarily because qualifying petitions will not be handed out by the Knox County Election Commission until September 11, 2015 with a December 10, 2015 NOON filing deadline for the petition to be submitted.

Anders opponent has been making the circuit, generating some comical comedies. First, in his campaign last year against U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander, Anders opponents wife was the campaign treasurer for the Alexander challenge.  A recent search revealed that no financial disclosures had been filed. (Page Amy Broyles about missing state deadlines, I can’t imagine what penalties exist for federal filing failures.)

Just last month, Anders opponent handed out some campaign material without filing a Treasurer appointment. After it was reported on BrianHornback.Com Anders opponents campaign filed their Treasurer designation.

Late last week, he appointed a Union County resident as his Treasurer, replacing the he appointed in April. From a recent posting on his Facebook, instead of adhering to the advice of  Alex Haley and “finding the good and praising it”. He took a couple incidental slaps at a couple of former campaign folks. It appears he isn’t quite ready for prime time and the wheels to his campaign came off awful early.

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