Is Carson Human?

Last evening the Knox County School Board met and if it were not for 16 citizens signed up for public forum, they would have been at the sunshined Calhouns on the River dinner sooner. Probably with two piña coladas in hand (the Garth Brooks Experience from Sunday is still in my head). Anyhoo, I listened intently to each speaker.

First, Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr.

I would disagree with the few anti Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr. naysayers.  I am not a fan of some of his board (elected by a majority of citizens in the district, there are quite a few of his central office staff that I am not a fan of.) However, based on the fact of my past experience as a board member about 12 years ago and the incompetence that was Director of Schools then, this guy seems bright, he is a stakeholder with two boys of his and his wife’s own. People can hate on state and federal testing. People can hate on the legislature taking away teacher tenure. People can hate on where he garnered his Superintendent experience, (Broad whatever it is, the fact is people hate different types of companies and systems all day long, but, as Gloria Deathridge pointed out on Monday night, he isn’t pushing what folks are complaining about)

The Reason for the post

So, a teacher has been told she is not being renewed. Rightly so, she wants to know, why. Others along with she herself appeared at the board to communicate their opinion and her frustration with moving forward. Understandable!

However, when she is done, many people are clapping (including a few hoard members) but, for the most part people showed the educator respect, including the man it appears that it is popular to hate, Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr. Except Board Member and Potenial State Rep candidate Karen Carson. She has her head in her hands with the worst body language. It was like she was saying, please just go away, I am going to Calhouns on the River. I can’t be bothered with you.

So, direectful, condescending and arrogant of her. But, that’s her.

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3 Responses

  1. "The Dean" says:

    I’m sure Mrs. Carson is a fine person, a nurse, etc. but as a School Board member, one should only watch any SB meeting and you will discover how she attempts to control, interrupt, etc. to get “her” point across. She is a prima donna who is extremely condescending and does not listen to others views. The state legislature does not need people like this in their ranks.

  2. When will they learn? says:

    The end may be near for Carson on BOE.

    Carson bolted upright when Jennifer Owen said ouster. And what is more amazing, her vote to fix the illegal Broad Grant is grounds for ouster. What an arrogant woman.

  3. When will they learn? says:

    CTAS released an eLi document yesterday (6/7/15).

    Karen Carson may face an ouster. Even the KV’ers agree:

    Don’t think you will see Carson in Nashville.