If It Appears to be a Campaign Ad……Fill In The _____?

Knox Area Transit came out with a FREE Fare promotion along Cumberland Avenue because well the City has Cumberland more or less closed for an extended period of time. One of the first ads, has a prominent photograph of Mayor Rogero and the ad matches her attire or her attire matches the ad. Either way, is this ad an in kind contribution by KAT?


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2 Responses

  1. Stephen Muehleisen says:

    No, it is not. first the *attire vs ad* thing is the mark of a professional ad/printer agency. My brother regularly set up ads in a such a manner as this. It’s normal. It’s what professionals do.
    Secondly, the *FREE* fare is actually paid by the event sponsors; in this case the Rogero campaign organization. It’s what professional campaign organizations do.
    You should know all this.

  2. BHornback says:

    Hopefully it gets reported accurately in financial reports