Bradenton Beach, Florida -vs- Knoxville, Tennessee Contrast and Compare!

A friend shared this Bradenton Beach, Florida story on Facebook. A  40 year old man and 20 year old woman had the urge and participated in coitus on the beach. They were arrested and a Judge is considering 15 year jail terms, according to this Times report. Too bad for them, they couldn’t take to a Motel6 (where they leave the light on, oh, wait it was the middle of the day, any ole hotel, motel room would do).

What happens when a somewhat similar situation happens in Knoxville/Knox County when an elected official got caught in a sexual act in broad daylight in a public park, with KPD witnessing the reciprocal acts. The justice system delays a year and the penalty was to write an apology letter to the constituents (that entrusted the public trust in them) and the colleagues that had asked them to resign. That  individual ignored their colleagues request and is running for re-election in 2016.

Well, Bradenton Beach, Florida is one extreme and here in Knoxville we are the other extreme, I guess.

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