Get Out and Vote, Tomorrow

Tomorrow if you live in State Senate District Six, I ask for your vote. If you can influence your family and friends I will be indebted to you. While I support Republicans. As I began this campaign I decided to not ask, accept or spend any money on this campaign. Instead I asked that contributions be sent to candidates with legislative impact (County Mayor, County Commission, State House, State Senate and Governor)

While my opponent has spent over $7,200 in addition to having an outstanding loan of $249.00. While my opponent has attacked me with personal attacks, while my opponents supporters have attacked me for being an active person of the Christian faith. I have not attacked him on the information that has been sent to me, choosing not to resort to his tactics.

If the citizens in State Senate District Six desire for me to serve, I will serve. As long as I am living and breathing my God is not finished with me.

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