Sandra Clark Is Back To Her Old Tricks & Style

In tomorrow’s Mini Sentinel (Shopper News) you will see Sandra Clark’s column. She is so all over the field. In writing about the race for County Commission Chairman between Vice Chairman Brad Anders and Tony Norman. Clark wrote, “Vice chair Brad Anders wants to step up, but others are pushing Tony Norman” The others are her publishing pal Steve Hunley, her friend Robert Lawrence Smith (who defeated Mary Lou Horner in 2006, a campaign that Clark managed for Horner) and Commissioner David Wright.

Clark authored, “You know where I stand,” said Norman, “and I think my views represent the majority of Knox County. Others, well, may represent special interests.” Norman’s views do not represent special interests? The MPC and the Hillside/Ridgetop Plan was all about special interests. The Hillside/Ridgetop Plan was all about a minority faction setting rules for the majority (actually every property owner in Knox County) will do with their own personal property.

Clark attempts to taint Anders with “Anders told me he’s running. And he sunshined a dinner meeting with Sam McKenzie to discuss the Beck Center. Hmmm” Really Sandra?

In typical Clark fashion, she ignores the apparent “quid pro quo, back room shenanigans of Norman and Smith in authoring a get out of trouble free letter for Commissioner Jeff Ownby. In the column she addresses it rather passively with “Norman and Larry Smith recently spoke fondly of Jeff Ownby while others were silent. If Norman adds Smith and Ownby to his own vote,” Clark leaves the condescending arrogant “Hmmm” out of this one. She obviously missed it, Norman and Smith did not speak fondly, they authored letters that are now court records for Ownby.

Can you say Exhibit 1 for a Sunshine Lawsuit? Oh wait, Norman, Smith and Ownby are not on the “McElroy List” of enemies. You know McElroy, “Napoleon Jack” the big shot at E.W. Scripps Big Metal Shed on the Hill, while Clark has an unused phone booth in Halls and one near the West Knox Convenience Center aka trash dump.

In addition, Clark makes public a rumor (in Gossip & Lies) that has been common knowledge for at least 12 weeks. “Richard Briggs may run against state Sen. Stacey Campfield in 2014, and the retired Army colonel, heart surgeon and county commissioner could win.” She went on to write “His candidacy will certainly boost the real estate market out west as sane citizens move into the district to oust Campfield.”

What Clark missed is that Dr. Briggs himself will have to move into Campfield’s district. The home where he and his wife live and are registered to vote are in the district of State Senator Becky Duncan Massey. While Briggs owns property in Hardin Valley for some bee keeping activity. He is not currently registered to vote at that property.

I know Clark has been doing this journalism thing a long time. Much longer than me, but a simple KGIS internet search would have let her know, he ain’t a resident or voter in Campfield’s district. While one on one a Briggs / Campfield race may be tight. We all know, Campofield generates more than one Republican opponent and it seems the residency issue gives Campfield a little bit more credibility. Let the games begin.

My Senator Becky Duncan Massey will be re-elected in November. So, 2014 I will not have a voting interest in a Briggs / Campfield race.

If I were a man that recruits candidates for office. If I were recruiting a candidate in Farragut for Senator Campfield’s seat. I would be going after School Board Chairman Thomas Deakins. Which I ain’t!

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