Does a Mass Killer’s Actions Change Society?

Today, the Confederate flag was removed from the South Carolina courthouse. All the debate was after a young man of hate entered a church in Charleston, SC and gunned down and killed 9 people. The move to remove the flag started only as a response after the mass killings. So, this young man will be remembered for two acts, the mas murders and the removal of the flag.

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2 Responses

  1. marija walker says:

    It amazes me that one white boy changed the history of the flag.. 54 years and lots of other killings of both whites against blacks in several cities and it comes to removing the flag in order for a show of good faith and no doubt a healing for those who lost their lives in the church that night, however is this what it really represents? I would think we would have come a long way since the civil war.

    This is big history lesson that not a lot of people are grasping..
    I thought after all these years we would have come a long way however I think this will cause more harm then good..

  2. The Shadow says:

    The flag will be gone, but the hate waiting to be manipulated for exploiting, will still be there.

    How many of these like -minded young people will be recruited by ISIS?