Jason Zacahry Opposes ObamaCare, His Opponent Supports ObamaCare Expansion into TN

Gerald Witt filed this story (if you can jump the paywall) online this evening, likely in tomorrows print paper. The debate of InsureTN earlier this year was couched as expansion of ObamaCare in TN. The legislature soundly rejected it twice. Jason Zachary is on board with how our State Representative Ryan Haynes represented us this year. Zachary‘s opponent is on record as reversing Haynes position. Zachary is the only principled Conservative leader to continue the Ryan Haynes term. Will this motivate AFP to help get the vote out for Zachary.

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1 Response

  1. When will they learn? says:

    Karen Carson is a Democrat Liberal Progressive. She wanted the BOE to having taxing authority. She wanted to raise Knox County property taxes $35 million a year for the schools. But she lied and said it was a one time tax increase. She voted for Obama. Of course she is for it. She just isn’t honest enough to run as a Democrat.