America’s Controversy with God’s Covenant

My brother allowed me to borrow his copy of Perry Stone’s book, America’s Controversy with God’s Covenant. It took me longer to read than most 184 page books. It is a good read and reveals that we are in the last days.

The bottom line is America will not change back to its glory days with the election of a President, it will not change with a Judge appointment. It will change only when the people of America will confess of their sins, seek God and turn from our wicked ways then he will hear from Heaven and will heal our land.

The current state of America can be described like the story from the Bible of the wheat and tares. As America, we planted the garden and fell asleep. The enemy came during the night and planted the tares. The tares are weeds that look like the wheat, so when it came time to reap the harvest the tares had to be separated from the wheat and the tares burned up as the wheat was harvested.

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