A New Release from Joyce Meyer – The Mind Connection

On September 1, 2015, New York Times #1 Best Selling Author Joyce Meyer through Faith Words Books releases the Mind Connection.

This book can be considered a follow up to her book Battlefields of the Mind. However, this book details new insight in how what enters our mind effects every aspect of our life. How it effects our mood, our behavior and decisions we make.

Meyer writes from her own personal experience, from the role of an abused child and how that effected her realtionship with her parents. During the writing of the book how her mind would wander in an attempt to take her away from the task.

In today’s culture of technology; cable tv, iPhone and Android apps, Billboards, Commercials that sells everything with sexual images that clogs your mind with images that are not healthy for a life as Christ followers, this book is a good reset button.

I encourage you if you want to develop skills and tactics to help you keep your mind fresh and not in a constant negative ditch, this is a much purchase and one to use as a refresher from time to time.

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