Gloria Johnson’s Time is OVER, District 13 Democrats REJECTED her in 2014.

In this March 21, 2015 media report Johnson used her title and position with Knox County Schools to criticize Smith. In this May 23, 2015 news report we learn of Gloria Johnson’s departure from Knox County Schools in mid-April 2015. In mid March did Johnson know that she would be abandoning her students and her life long career within 30-45 days.

Her resignation is rumored to have occurred thirty day before the state mandated testing of her students. Several people have raised the question, how could a teacher (especially one with at risk, special ed students) give up and walk out on her students thirty days before the test are administered. A prominent Democrat has even said that her actions make her the Sarah Palin of the local Democrat Party.

I don’t understand why the members of the Knox County Democrat party are scared of Gloria. Why is no other Democrat positioning themselves to run in the 2016 Democrat primary? At one time Democrat activist and local Attorney Jessee Bundy‘s name had been advanced, but that has gone silent recently.

Do you remember last year, the Vote Yes and Vote No on 1 ballot initiatives? It was on the issue of Abortion. Vote Yes was for Pro-Life and Vote No was for the opposite. You would think that a Vote No vote would be a Democrat voter and it probably is, unless the Democrat is so out in left field that doesn’t identify with main stream Democrats.

This is the case in my humble opinion of Gloria Johnson. In only one precinct 19E did Johnson gather more votes for herself than the Vote No answer received and that was only 6 votes in excess.

In District 13, Vote No received 8,418 votes, Johnson received 6,548. 1,870 voters that leaned toward Johnson being anti pro-life REJECTED her. In District 13, Vote Yes received 5,144 votes and Eddie Smith received 6,730 votes. Johnson is not well received by her own party, many of them jumped over to vote for Smith, REJECTING Johnson.

On June 27, 2015 Cameron Brooks, local Democrat Party Chair said in this media report that Gloria Johnson and maybe others would be on the Democrat side of the ballot in challenging State Rep. Eddie Smith in 2016. If Brooks and others in leadership want to relevant (which they are not, right now) inform Johnson it’s time to retire and support someone that can receive cross over votes or at a minimum keep all the democrat votes with the party, instead of 1,870 REJECTING their nominee.

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  1. When will they learn? says:

    Gloria Johnson is the gift that keeps giving to local Republicans:

    Seriously, who is left now? Only Maddie Rogero.. Commission will be cleaned out next election. Say it ain’t so Joe Armstrong is slammer bound. Sam Anderson is damaged goods. The people have voted, and they decided no more Dems.