Sandy Loy, CCM Proposes Solution Guidelines to County Commission regarding the PBA Train wreck

Below is a link to the letter I sent to you and all the State Representatives in 2009 along with a multitude of documents showing that PBA was violating county procurement practices and giving away money for some reason….now we know where part of it was going don’t we?


I would ask you to review this letter and understand that Dale Smith called me a liar in front of commission….every fact I presented was that, a fact not a feeling. The lack of follow through with the audit which was ordered, then watered down, then revised and negotiated with PBA led to all the events which have recently exposed. Nothing new….just finally brazen enough to have been flaunted in your face to the point it had to be dealt with.

I think the next thing that needs to be visited is the second link below; which states that the lease which ended in 2001 is now annually renewed and the asset may be transferred back to the city and county at any time. Why would you not end that lease, transfer that HUGE asset to the governmental body’s balance sheets and bid out the property management to the private sector and do two things:

1) Elevate the bond rating with significant increase in net worth

2) Save money for the cost of the PM and increase tax revenues by running the funds through the private sector which pays taxes!


Also, I hope you will finally take measures to not allow the corruption that was cultivated inside PBA to be recreated. The only way to make sure of that is to make sure that the PBA doesn’t do capital improvement projects in the future. There are more examples of corruption and abuse of power by the PBA which I hope will also be uncovered as the investigation moves forward. The cronyism and pet contractor practice which is being REEXPOSED is nothing new to the private sector….the amount of money that has been wasted will never be known but it is beyond significant….if known it would be staggering.

I would also suggest that Dale Smith be removed from office immediately, he is the leader of the culture which infected the PBA and has embarrassed our county and wasted, if not stolen, millions of dollars. Him staying in office till the end of the year will only offer him the opportunity to cover his tracks and try and cover up waste where it has yet to be found. Why would you not do what any private business would do? Remove him and perform a TRUE and COMPLETE fraud audit?

The lack of the same will only promote the smell of another cover up like the one that occurred in 2011.

Thank you

Sanford C Loy CCM

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