The September Ed & Bob Night Out is in Cedar Bluff and is on 9/22/2015

Ed and Bob (Knox County at large Commissioners Ed Brantley and Bob Thomas) are headed out to Middlebrook Pike at Cedar Bluff Road to the Horn of Plenty located at 9132 Middlebrook Pike, 37923 on Tuesday, September 22nd from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.! This is Ed and Bob’s opportunity to meet the people of West Knox County and listen to their concerns.

Off of I-40 take N. Cedar Bluff, exit 1.8 mi to Old Cedar Bluff. Turn right. Horn of Plenty are on the corner of Old Cedar Bluff & Middlebrook Pike just across the street from First Tennessee Bank. The Horn of Plenty is a locally owned Market and Restaurant serving country cooking & offering local products! They also sell seasonal plants, soils and mulch! It’s the perfect place for the September Ed & Bob NIGHT OUT in Knox County.

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