More About The McElroy List

Sources at the City County Building wonder about Jack McElroy’s explanation about the McElroy List. You see if he got the email addresses off a mass email as he says. Why has Jimmy Haslam’s personal email address dropped off from the Open Records Request? Could it be Friday newspaper sales?

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    If he got the e-mail addresses off the mass mailing, why does he need an open records request for more e-mail addresses that he already has?

    If you frequent a business which advertises from time to time in the KNS, you might politely ask them to stop advertising in the KNS until they stop the witch hunt on Burchett, I know I will.

    In my opinion, McElroy has driven the KNS credibility and integrity straight into the ground and there are probably more Burchett supporters in Knox County than there are paying subscribers to the daily delivery version of the KNS. If he's intent on using this Scripps newspaper for purely political purposes as opposed to general news reporting, the Knoxville/Knox County community doesn't need to support such efforts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Someone by the name of Barker, Scott Barker?, left this message in a response to someone:

    “Submitted by Barker (not verified) on Tue, 2012/08/14 – 6:47pm.

    If there is a story in the records, we will write it. If there is not, we won't. That's what we owe our readers.”

    So they're just fishing for stuff. It's clear the school system is a mess, quite probably violated its own policy regarding political activities during the work day using county resources, and KNS's sister publications said that teacher morale is low and that McIntyre may have been spying on teachers during budget debates, and the KNS has done what?


    You're an obsessive meglomaniac McElroy, walk away while you still have a job.