McElroy Responds to Shock And Awe!

Jack McElroy responded today on his blog to the investigation that has begun on how Lee Tramel’s computer was hacked. Of course you all have been reading about it for days here. But now McElroy writes about this blog (my blog).

So, in the past McElroy has ignored I have a blog. But today he admits to reading it.

The scrutiny that this Tom Chester Open Records Request has generated is putting fear into many people who are not on the list. What should scare them more is that McElroy now says this is a routine request that Chester and he have done more than 50 times. So, McElroy may already know about your neighbors yapping dog. Or about that pot hole on your street.

Isn’t that a third world tactic by the way a socialist government runs and controls the media. It seems however here in Knoxville Jack McElroy believes as the entity reporting the news that he is the one monitoring the moves of citizens and government and he is making news instead of reporting it.

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1 Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is McElroy sharing this info with others? I think McElroy needs to be investigated.