Fifth District, Fresh Faces Possibilities

March 1, 2016 the Fifth District will have a new School Board candidate and a permanent commissioner candidate. The three term School Board Member Karen Carson is not seeking a fourth term, in part due to the complete rejection she received in the 8/12/2015 Republican Primary for State Representative. Carson failed to carry her own Concord precinct and the Farragut precincts while she enjoyed the support of two former school boarders Thomas Deakins and Diane Jabalonski.

A former school guidance counselor and Professional Psychotherapist Lori Boudreaux had been encouraged by many community members received a lot of support from within the district. She is still weighing her potential candidacy. Irvin R. Meade, Jr. and Josh Peterson have petitions in hand. The filing deadline is 12/10/2015 at NOON with a withdrawal deadline of 12/17/2015 at NOON.

On the Republican side only the interim appointed Commissioner John Schoonmaker has a petition in hand. Schoonmaker was appointed by the current County Commission after Richard Briggs resigned to become State Senator. Many Republicans, Democrats and Independent are encouraging Tamara Boyer on the Republican side and Clay Crownover on the Democrat side.

The Clay Crownover Family

The Clay Crownover Family

Crownover is the Principal of CFC Strategies, LLC. He is married with two young sons. Crownover is very active with the Farragut Baseball, Inc. organization as a Volunteer Coach and a Corporate Sponsor. Crownover and his wife are actively engaged in the Farragut Primary School and very active and engaged in their Concord community.

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