Arnett is a Special Kind of ——-

So, earlier this year Knox County discovered that some hotels were not paying the Knox County hotel occupancy tax. The Knox County Clerk told the media and Knox County Commission he was unaware that was his responsibility.  Fast forward a couple months, where the Knox County Commission has had their foot up the Clerk’s behind and he receives press in the Knox News Sentinel about collecting another $300,000 in occupancy tax. One hotelier receives a letter from Arnett’s office, this particular property has had NO issue in remitting it’s collected occupancy tax.

But, they opened an envelope to find the notice below. Yes, you read it right. A bill for .04 YES FOUR CENTS. FOUR RED CENTS. I offered to go to the Clerk’s office to pay the .04 and demand a paid receipt.

If this were the KUB (Knoxville Utilities Board) how would the round it? Probably down to ZERO.

Letter from Foster Arnett's office collecting .04 from an exceptional hotelier

Letter from Foster Arnett’s office collecting .04 from an exceptional hotelier

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  1. Sequoyah says:

    isn’t foster related to the former chair lady of the republican party of knox county? so being a —— must be dna linked