Be Warned……It is a Scam….Do Not Give Them Information or Money

So, today I got a voicemail and decided to be argumentative. I called David Gray back and got Mac, he got frustrated and hung up on me and my call was blocked. After about 20 minutes I called back and again engaged in conversation. Mac badge #117089 of the Treasury Department said that they could get officers to come and arrest me. I said come on. He had some minimal information and was wanting my mailing address, I said the two warrants you say have been served, hasn’t and if you have my tax return, you know my address.

I told Mac that I was calling my Congressman’s office. I was caller #4 to Congressman Duncan’s office about this, it is a scam. The Internal Revenue Service advises through our Congressman’s office to just hang up and don’t give any information. So, while I don’t encourage you to argue with them, like I did. When they asked if I was Mr. Hornback, the answer that there are hundreds of Mr. Hornback’s in this country was kinda funny I thought.

Here is what pisses me off, there are citizens that fall for this bullshit and send money that they don’t have to avoid being arrested or going to court. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

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2 Responses

  1. Big John says:

    That’s probably Ruthies collection agency