Is the Shopper News Acting as an Intermediary to Circumvent the Knox County Commission’s Sunshine Law

Wendy Smith of the Shopper News staff has an article in this weeks paper where she has polled and reveals the intended votes of the 11 members of the Knox County Commission on the proposed Midway Business park. It sure begs to question, is Smith and the Shopper News being an intermediary to help secure or derail the vote on the Midway Business Park? If so, wouldn’t this be a violation of the court order of the Knox County Chancery Court involving violations of the Sunshine Law. Should Commissioners be using Smith to detail their intention to other Commissioners in order to know what the other Commissioners are intending or thinking of a issue?

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1 Response

  1. When will they learn? says:

    Good question. I think if she only reveals vote totals it might pass. But is she lists names, it is most likely an intermediary action.