Ballard has a Lawyer?

WBIR has this story today after a recent recording of Inside TN to air on Sunday. From this article, my observation and question is Ballard has Bosch as a lawyer? What does it say when someone hires Bosch or Greg Issacs? That can’t be cheap, I have first hand knowledge of legal fees from a two year legal issue that ended with a September 11,2015 Summary Judgment awarded to me.

From the story, “We have been aware of the rumors and allegations for many years now and we look forward to the day that these rumors and allegations end,” Bosch said. Ballard is term limited to two four year terms, eight years. If many years is the term, how many years into Ballard’s service did it begin? Is Bosch hired from the Knox Co Law Department to represent Ballard or has Ballard retained him on his own? Bosch is a regular panelist on WBIR’a Inside TN, that could be awkward, cause Bosch rarely misses a show.



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