Why Does a Ballard/Weaver Employee Hide Their Identity in Defending Them?

Mike Donila has this blog post on the controversy that irreputed at the taping of Inside TN by Knox Co Property Assessor candidates Andrew Graybeal, Phil Ballard’s Chief Deputy and John Whitehead.

In the blog post a comment popped up with someone that says they worked there 5 years, been in assessing 43 years. I can figure out who it is and anyone close to county government knows who it is. So why would he hide himself under an anonymous screen name?

In the Friday WBIR story we learn that Ballard has Attorney Don Bosch for a number of years, according to Bosch. If nothing is there, why hire Bosch? Lawyers are not cheap. I suspect after 5 years in that office this employee has heard something, making him a witness to something, even heresay.


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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Isn’t this juicy and sweet. Hey Dean how’s retirement? I will have to just call you a liar in print, obviously retirement tends to blur the memory. You knew all about this issue and event went to Little Daddy W in fear. Damn son do you have a touch of Alzheimer’s? Or just corrupt like the rest of this group? I would suggest the later of explanation.

    Hiring a lawyer without cause is similar to wiping your ass before you poop. Just in case you decide to commit a crime I think I will spend money for a lawyer. That’s what I call a dumb ass. I’ve heard a lot of bull shit over the years but this one takes the cake.

    I watched that episode of Knox County Star Search Sunday and boy howdy I nearly pissed my pants. I’ve never seen so many stooges dance around since the Hurdy Gurty was invented.

    I bet Little Daddy W had to change underpants? Hey Larry can you save this crew now? Is there an insurance policy that pays off in the event of a crime?
    Rumors lies and deceit all shown on the “boob tube”! I would have suggested a hair cut and a dentist appointment before going on TV. I bet that seat was soaked in sweat and had the effervescent smell of a turd after that show.

    Look out Graybeal that bunch is gonna be after you like white on rice. I’ve gotta say this, that boy had balls of steel and I mean big old aggies to say that on TV. I would bet the farm and all the eggs to boot this festers like a huge blister. I can’t wait to see what’s next out of this bunch.