Today’s Activity Marked a BHornback First

Before this morning I had never participated in a 5k race/walk. This morning a buddy of mine and I went to Victor Ashe Park to walk in the American Cancer Society of Knoxville’s Hotter Than Hell 5k.

You see two friends have battled cancer recently. Michael Holtz an employee of the ACS of Knoxville and my friend David Foulk, a veteran newsman. Foulk is currently at NewsTalk 98.3 FM.

I waked in honor of Holtz. Below are two photos during the singing of the National Anthem. Just before the race began.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave Foulk says:

    Thanks, Brian. –And this note to men and women who are putting off their colon cancer screening check– don't delay. A regularly scheduled screening saved my life. The surgeon told me had I waited until symptoms arrived- there would be no hope.
    A night of misery– a nice chemically induced nap..and you are good to go… uh…maybe I should say that another way….
    -Dave Foulk

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Brian, and Mr. Foulk, hope things are going well, and you are in my family's thoughts and prayers.