A Butcher, a Baker, a Candlestick-Maker?

The selection of the next candidate for the Knox County Board of Education 5th District seat will have a drastic impact on the direction of our school program. Consequently, it is imperative to examine the credentials,the expertise and the motives of each candidate in order to make an informed decision regarding who is the most qualified candidate and best suited to represent our children in education.


Sadly there are individuals and groups driving personal political agendas that want to manipulate the Knox County School Board decision-making process at the expense of our children.  Some have provided generous contributionsin an effort to buy control, while others have supported and endorsed the least qualified candidate because they believe the candidate can be influenced, controlled and managedwith relative ease.  These political organizations often have expectations associated with their support.  Dr. Lori Boudreaux (ABD) is a self-funded candidate who is not indebted to any political groups or individuals.  Perhaps this is why there has been an effort to convince voters that Lori Boudreaux is “just another educator” and is not needed on the Knox County School Board of Education.  However, regardless of the political spin by these groups, there is no denying a seat on the Knox County School Board is an educational leadership position and Lori Boudreaux is the only candidate who is a proven educational leader.   In an effort to persuade voters to support their candidate, some have attempted to minimize Lori Boudreaux’ stellar academic credentials or have omitted Boudreaux’ progressive and interdisciplinary experience. Fortunately, some of Boudreaux’ accolades will be discussed here.  In the end, it is your vote that will decide who will represent our children in education.


Boudreaux started her dedication to education in 1984 and has continued ever since.  With over twelve years of formal college education, Boudreaux holds a Bachelor of Sciencedegree in Secondary Education, a Master of Science degree in Counselor Education, a Master of Education degree inEducational Leadership, and a Doctorate of Education in Community and Educational Leadership (ABD). Boudreaux has earned international honors in her pursuit of several graduate degrees in education and currently is conducting doctoral research pertaining to school board member qualifications as it relates to student achievement.  Boudreaux is ready, willing and able to share all transcripts, diplomas, awards, and etc. with anyone who tries to create doubt about her lifetime work and achievements. Additionally, Boudreaux has gained over fifteen years of teaching, counseling, and educational leadership experience at the operational level progressively taking on more responsibility and leadership duties.  Opponents, Horn and Pelot have no experience working at the operational level in the public school system.Additionally, Boudreaux brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as the only elected board member with graduate degrees and experience in educational leadership. Although all educators are valued for their individual strengths and abilities, all educators are not equipped with the same skill sets.  Consequently, educators offer varying perspectives to the board based on their position, responsibilities and their level of education. Adding further diversity to the school board, Boudreaux earned licensure through the Department of Health Related Boards as a Mental Health Service Provider, received Rule 31 Mediation training through the University of Tennessee Law Department and the Knox County Volunteer Mediation Center, and served as a Program Director for a Non-Profit organization.


In short, the Knox County School system is a good system, but there are aspects that need to be changed or enhanced in order to make it a program of excellence.  Lori Boudreaux is the candidate best equipped to make policy changes at the district level that will lead to program excellence.


The question remains: Who do you want to represent your child on the school board?   A butcher?  A baker?  A candlestick-maker?  A lawyer?  A buyer?  Or someone trained higher?  The choice is yours. Make the right choice. Vote for the most qualified candidate, Lori Boudreaux.

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