Some Facts on the False Claims Made by Ole Bud

On ole Bud’s campaign website he claims collections are up since they started doing the work.


Out of curiosity, I just looked up the collection reports. Delinquent Collections plus interest were:

$12.2 million in FY11
$14.6 million in FY12
$ 12.13 in FY13 (Trustee’s office did the work 8 month and Law Director’s office took over for last 4 months) So, Law Director could claim about $4 million.

$11.3 million in FY14

$9 million in FY15

So, the Trustee’s office under management of Bill Curtis collected $34.8 Million, while Ole Bud has collected $24.3 since taking it over, certainly not what ole Bud’s campaign is claiming, with this false claim will Ole Bud take himself to court? Ten million here, ten million there pretty soon it’s real money even for a career bureaucrat like Ole Bud.



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