Knox News Sentinel Asks the Stupidest Questions

in today’s newspaper there is this little tidbit,

It was a simple enough question to ask.

Would apparent election winner John Whitehead keep his opponent, Jim Weaver, on staff at the Knox County property assessor when Whitehead takes office in September?

“Is that a serious question?” Whitehead asked, laughing.

Whitehead, after being assured the inquiry was a serious one, said he didn’t plan to keep Weaver in his current post as chief deputy.

Whitehead won the Republican primary election by 70 votes, according to the unofficial results. Weaver said on Monday he is still mulling whether to contest the results. If he chooses to, he will have five days to file a lawsuit after the Knox County Election Commission is expected to certify results on March 21.

hey KNS how about asking sore loser Weaver when he will concede and congratulate the voters choice, Mr. Whitehead?  After sore loser Weaver and his hinchman Ballard sent out right lies in a nasty negative mailer, why would Whitehead hire him? I get that sore loser Weaver is worried because he loaned his campaign in excess of $30,000 and he needs a job to pay it back, but why would Whitehead? Whitehead ran a positive campaign and didn’t resort to releasing the laundry of sore loser Weaver. Whitehead is a class act unlike sore loser Weaver and Ballard.

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