Knox Chamber Attacks Rep. Niceley

This week Mike Edwards and Mr. Wagley of the Knox Chamber Partnership attacked Rep. Frank Niceley R-Strawberry Plains as being the greatest threat to business. They attacked him for five bills. The five bills are Senate sponsored by Senator Tim Burchett. Burchett is a Republican candidate for County Mayor. Sources within the Chamber tell us that inside the organization they dislike Burchett as much as Niceley. However, they contend privately that the likelyhood of a Mayor Burchett will cost them dollars over the next four years.

Niceley contends that Wagley and Edwards has NEVER contacted him about any legislation. The idea of opening up Chamber meetings to open meetings and open records law is a good idea. Especially with the Chamber partnership being a recipient of taxpayer dollars. The bill that would force LLC (limited liability corporations) to publicly expose the officers of an LLC that is accepting public dollars. The bill that would allow a county and the voters within the county to decide whether to appoint or elect the School Superintendent. The Chamber partnership has been active in recruiting and running candidates for School Board. Sources within the Chamber partnership have informed Brian’s Blog that the private airplane that flew a former Superintendent candidate to Knoxville for his interview was arranged by the Chamber partnership.

Brian’s Blog would encourage Niceley and Burchett to consider a nepotism and cronyism bill related to Chamber of Commerces and the counties that fund dollars to their budget. Back in 2002 Wagley’s spouse (at the time) was employed in the County Mayor’s office while Wagley was in his high profile position at the Chamber position.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That had more to do with Wagley sleeping with Ragsdale than with her HINO working for the chamber.