Is Oliver Thomas Off to a Start of Catering to One or does he have a Designated Member?

Knox Co Interim School Superintendent Oliver “Buzz” Thomas has starteed out of the gate catering to one board member. If you watched last Wednesday’s board meeting you saw where there was a side bar discussion between East Knox Co board member Mike McMillan and Thomas during the meeting. Fortunately Board Member Lynne Fugate called Thomas out on it and demanded he explain the conversation. Thomas said he would be happy to, his explanation was not as fluid as the side bar conversation.

A few days later, Thomas announces that he wants to cut his salary $15,000. According to the stumbling, bumbling explanation Thomas gave to Fugate the conversation was about what McMillan thought was the right salary for the Interim Superintendent.

Why would Thomas cater and cave to one member instead of working with all 9 board members? Is Thomas catering and caving to one member an indication that he is counting on one member influencing a majority of the board during a Thomas interim Superintendency? Time will tell….

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