Welcome to Scott Williams for TN State Senate District 2

We Welcome Scott Williams, Republican Candidate for TN State Senate District 2 in the August 4, 2016 State Republican Primary election. Early Voting is July 15-30, 2016. TN State Senate District 2 covers Blount and part of Sevier Counties.

Scott’s biography taken in part from Scott’s website: Scott comes from a family with a long line of military service and he is no exception.  Scott received initial flight training at Fort Rucker Alabama in 1982. After Flight School Scott’s first duty assignment was as an an Air Cavalry Pilot located near and flying in support of the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. After Korea he was assigned to fly Medical Evacuations at St Stewart GA.

In 1985 He was sent to Central America to fly alternating missions with both Medevac and Combat Aviation duties. Scott remained active in the reserves until 1989 where his injuries forced him to stop. He has written a few short stories of his active service, anybody interested in learning more can see those accounts here.

When Scott left the military, He went to work for IBM as a Field Engineer. Late in the 1990’s he took an early retirement from IBM and started a technology company. He sold that company in 2004 when he became interested in Financial Services.

From 2004 until the Frank Dodd Bill was passed and became the Financial Reform Act Scott owned and operated MW Wealth Management. In 2011 fully digesting the atrocious Frank Dodd boondoggle he sold his business. It had become apparent to him that government intervention was going to hurt consumer investors and brokers were going to be increasingly limited on how they could best help their clients. With the accumulated business acumen Scott collected he started general business consulting which he continues to this day.

To financially contribute to Scott, click here. His campaign Facebook is here. He is on Twitter here.


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