Powell Republican Club last night

Last night the Powell Republican Club met. The following candidates were present and introdced themselves. Fred Sisk, Knox County Trustee said “I have opposition from little Duncan. These offices are earned, I have been the Chief Deputy Trustee before becoming the Trustee and the little Duncan has never managed anyone”

Tim Hutchison, candidate for Knox County Mayor said “I am running and will have opposition as I always do. The Knoxville News Sentinel and I am sure they will start tomorrow. I am pro-county. I am for consolidated government not metropolitan government.”

Michele Carringer, candidate for 7th district County Commissioner. Sherry Witt, Register of Deeds. After some encouragement from club members John Whitehead, former Knox County Property Assessor stood and introduced himself and said “the election is a couple years away, However, I will be a candidate for Property Assessor in 2012.

Brian Hornback of Brian’s Blog introduced himself and said that he is a candidate for Republican State Executive Committeman District 6. “I have been standing and serving with you in the trenches since 1982. I would like to continue serving you and our party and would appreciate your support, if you do not live in Distric 6 I ask you to call your friends in District 6 and ask them to vote for me on August 5, 2010.”

Lillian Williams, candidate for County Commission District 7 was present. Treasurer Herman Meredith said that “he would run for the county line if you will help me.” Irene McCrary, Past Knox County Republican Party Chair was present. Club member and local business executive Kim Sepesi announced that she would be a candidate for Knox County School Board District 7 in Powell.

Local business executive Sandy Loy of Construction Plus, Inc. spoke about some legislation that will be introduced into the TN General Assembly that will address the Public Building Authorities and will save the state $50 million a year. Had this legislation been on the books when Hardin Valley Academy was built, it would have reduced the cost to the Knox County taxpayers by $10 million.

Phyllis Severance, the first Vice Chair of the Knox County Republican Party swore in the new officers. The new officers are: Gary Morris, President; John Van Dyke, Vice President; Herman Meredith, Treasurer and David Clapp, Secretary.

A discussion ensued concerning the County Commissions discussion about the reduction of required signatures for the voter approved recall provision. The best line came from club member Bruce Williams. “Look what happened when school board became non partisan, we got a bunch of yankee idiots.”

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    What does consolidated government mean?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Didn't you have a story about Scott Moore up earlier? I can't find it.

  3. it is 2 stories down about the Halls Republican Club on Monday night. Come on Smith, you may be dumb. But are you really that dumb?

  4. Anonymous says:

    “I am for consolidated government not metropolitan government.”

    What does that mean?

  5. it means the City gomout of business and the City consolidate services