The Rough and Rowdy District 18 Does NOT Disappoint

I wrote this story back a week or so ago about sign wars in the Republican Primary for TN House District 18. In that story I told a historical story from 2002 which was from District 18. Surely people wouldn’t be doing it. This is history repeating itself. When you don’t learn from history you are prone to repeat it.

The man according to the eyewitness and the man confronting him on camera, was caught vandalizing James Corcoran‘s signs. Corcoran faces Martin Daniel, Bryan Dotson and Steve Hall in the Republican Primary on August 4, 2016. Early voting is underway through July 30.


The man in the video according to his Twitter profile works for the same company that according to Martin Daniel’s 7/11/2016 financial disclosure printed Daniel’s signs.

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