Did Knox County School Board Select an Interim or Is He Working to Be Permanent ?

This article in the Knoxville News Sentinel has Buzz Thomas on the defensive because Melissa Ogden Tindell says in her resignation letter that she looked for other work because she was encouraged to leave by Thomas. Thomas a former Maryville City School Board thought his conversation was private. He surely knows better than that. He authored or edited a book called Finding Common Ground a book about governing bodies and how they work. I still have a copy of it in storage.

Sources indicate that Kathy Sims, Director of Human Resources will be departing this week for retirement. In the letter that Thomas does NOT refute is that he is taking orders from incoming school board members. The School Board only has one employee an Interim Superintendent and when the candidate for the Second District says, It would be a “poor decision as a board” to not judge employees by their job performance, Owen said. She used a plural, not singular, is that an indication that she believes the board intends to evaluate every employee and violate state law?

So, it begs to question isn’t the interim suppose to keep the district between the ditches?

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