TN State Senate District 2 Campaign Financial Disclosures

In TN State Senate District Two, Incumbent Senator Doug Overbey faces Challenger Scott Williams. The winner on Thursday August 4, 2016 will be the State Senator for the next four years because there is no Democrat or Independent waiting on the Republican nominee on November 8, 2016.

Senator Overbey began with $288,889.88 on hand last report, received $31,425.00, spent $74,751.11, has a $1,000 loan, received $3,802.25 of in-kind contributions, has a balance on hand of $245,563.77

Williams began with $4,211.59 on hand last report, the report reads received $3,948.00, spent $4,775.89 with an ending balance on hand of $3,383.70


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