Knox Co Mayor & Knox Co Interim Superintendent Give Indication of Growing the Bureaucracy

Back years ago, Timmy Floyd Burchett use to say if you can find a business in the phone book it’s better for Knox County to outsource it. He always professed to be a low tax guy. However in the past six years county fees have increased. Any fees paid to the government is a tax.

In today’s Knox News Sentinel Interim Superintendent Buzz Thomas is quoted to say that he and the Mayor have agreement to hire a logistics Supervisor at a salary of $50-$100,000 a year. That is a new bureaucratic position in a central office that the County Mayor has criticized continually. That is growing the bureaucracy.

Additionally, the article talks of hiring drivers that can be utilized during periods of driver shortages. The Knox County School system has always contracted with individuals that contract bus transportation. That is the example of finding a service in the phone book. But now, the Interim Superintendent and County Mayor appear ready place a bureaucracy in place that will squeeze out the contractors.

Growing the bureaucracy is what the legacy appears to be!

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