Questions Arise Concerning Samuel P. McKenzie’s Appointment of Treasurer Form

Brian’s Blog in reviewing all Appointment of Treasurer forms for all candidates for 2010 Knox County elective office have discovered an irregular one that has raised questions. The irregular one concerns First District County Commissioner Samuel P. McKenzie. On his appointment of Treasurer form which is NOT dated but is time stamped as received and accepted by the Knox County Election Commission on November 10, 2009 at 11:12 a.m. McKenzie appointed someone identified as Samuel McK. The signatures appear to be the same for the candidate and for the treasurer. How can this be? The candidate is Samuel McKenzie and the Treasurer is Sam McK. How can their signatures be the same? In addition, clearly the form lacks substantive information of a date, which is required. By the way, Treasurer Samuel McK is the Treasurer for Committee to Elect Sam McKenzie.

Again, Knox County Administrator of Elections Greg McKae hired Scott Frith as the Chief Deputy Administrator. But with two administrators they accept a form that is clearly not in compliance. Here is the document in question.

*Tennessee State law does allow a candidate to appoint themselves as Treasurer. However, with this form Samuel P. McKenzie was not appointed as Treasurer. A Samuel McK. was appointed.

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3 Responses

  1. David Lee says:

    Very nice investigative journalism.

    I presume he could have a late appointed treasurer, resign his candidacy, or what? If he got elected, would that be a basis to have him ousted? Or is it a criminal act to sign as “Sam McK” when there is not person with that name?

    Wonder if the Sentinel will notice…

  2. The Sentinel will notice. Because their ip address hits Brian's Blog numerous times daily. Will Jack McElroy allow a story of this magnitude be published in the Sentinel against his buddies Greg Mackae or a candidate they prevously endorsed in Samuel P. McKenzie? I don't think McElroy will allow it. If he were too he will not credit Brian's Blog for uncovering it first. He's like that.

  3. some moron attempted to post a comment that TN state law allows someone to appoint themselves as Treasurer. Duh! Read the last line of the post. Brian's Blog published that. However, the signature is for Samuel P McKenzie and the Treasurer is Samuel McK. not the same person.